Exponent PMC endeavors to provide measurable value to a commercial real estate project by managing the design and construction process. Experienced in all areas of the development process, and with a focus on details, we help clarify and determine the Owner's short and long term project goals and relentlessly pursue and deliver the highest quality results whilst mitigating risks along the entire delivery process.

We can augment an Owner's internal management team or serve as the single source of Development Management, Project Management, and Tenant Coordination. With expertise in municipal review procedures, design procurement, scope, quality and cost management and contractor bidding process , we leverage best practices in project delivery and pricing.

We are here to reinforce the on-site team and project's integrity by utilizing our experiences to address project challenges. We use project tracking systems, which can be customized to meet the Owner's needs. Using our system to collect pertinent project data from project managers, the Owner's own facility managers can monitor project progress concurrently.

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